You’re a musician/manager/tour manager and you’re looking for some gigs in Paris ? Maybe we can find something out together !

Our policy for booking:
– We book ONLY Extreme Metal bands. However, for other kinds of alternative music (Electro, Indus, Synthwave, Rock etc.) we invite you to get in touch with our partner Altered Minds Production.
– We work in the Parisian area only.
– Get in touch with us at least 3 months before the date that you’re looking for.
– Catering/sleeping place/fee etc. have to be negotiated.
– Flyers and web propaganda use to be down by ourself
– P.N.A is an APOLITICAL promoter. This means that all explicit political stuff are strictly prohibited in all our gigs.

If that sounds good for you, feel free to contact us at
If you didn’t get any answer from us after 96h, don’t hesitate to send us an email again.
Please note: we receive a lot of emails so if we don’t answer you after 2 e-mails it means that we are not interested.

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